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Brentwood Park’s Got Talent 2023

In keeping with our Brentwood Park Talent Show tradition, this year we bring you “Brentwood Park’s Got Talent and Art Show 2023”.  Our talented students will perform for you in the comfort of our own classrooms and homes. We are so thankful to our students for sharing their performances and keeping us entertained this year.
Special thanks to Ms. Helfrich for her continued commitment, time and effort for making sure that the Brentwood Park Talent Show happens and runs smoothly.  Our thanks also to Ms. Willis, Ms. Lutic-Hotta and Ms. Hickman for being the BP Talent crew.

We are in awe of you and so, so proud.

Without further ado, LET THE SHOW BEGIN! (in 6 acts)

*please note: Do not share these videos. They are for the enjoyment of our Brentwood Park family and community.  They are for viewing purposes only and due to permission rights, copying is not permitted.  This post will be published for a limited time.  

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Act 6

Act 7