Guess The Staff Member, 2022


Teacher Email Website  Division Grade
Mrs. McCormack 1 6/7
Ms. Loukopoulos 2 6/7
Mr. Jung 3 6/7
Ms. Zucchetto 4 6/7
Ms. Lopez 5 5/6
Ms. Allen 6 4/5
Ms. Willis  website 7 4/5
Mrs. Davis  / Mrs. Gil  website 8 4/5
Mr. Peters 9 4/5
Ms. Wilson   10 4/5
Ms. Derbitsky / Ms. Dionne website 11 2/3
Mrs.  Basso / Mrs. Walji website 12 2/3
Ms. Hickman website 13 2/3
Mrs. Nielsen website 14 2/3
Ms. Bandarra / Mrs. Walji website 15 2/3
Ms. Helfrich website 16 2/3
Ms. Cerminara 17 2/3
Ms. Smith 18 1
Ms. Sirsiris 19 1
Ms. Yap / Ms Fong website 20 1
Ms. Brolin website 21 1
Mrs. Fleming website 22 K/1
Ms. Bech / Ms. Mauro 23 K
Ms. DiSpirito / Ms. Mauro website 24 K
Ms. Allanson website 25 K


Ms. Delvecchio Library
Ms. Neilson Library/NIS
Ms. Worsley  Music/Band/NIS
Ms. Seah  Music/NIS
Ms. Boschmann LSS
Ms. Lutic-Hotta LSS
Mr. Ewert LSS
Ms. Gargiulo ELL
Ms. Kassam ELL
Ms. Dionne ELL
Ms. Taylor ELL
Ms. Juma / Ms. Gibson Counsellor
Ms. Gillis Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Willis Indigenous Resource Teacher
Ms. Menhem Settlement Worker
(Arabic and French)
Mr. Almirol Custodian
Mrs. DeAngelis Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. Bevacqua Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. Hammer-Jackson Noon Hour Supervisor

Educational Assistants

Ms. Appleby
Ms. Browne
Mrs. Begon
Mr. Cholakian
Ms. Drumm
Ms. Dunham
Ms. Fong
Ms. Hall
Ms. Harpestad
Ms. Ho
Ms. Hutchinson
Ms. Kae
Ms. Nagy 
Ms. Oh
Ms. Rezo
Mr. Serafini
Mrs. Ungaro
Mrs. Pauletto-Warne
Ms. Webster

Administration / Office Staff

Mrs. Heather Kimmie Principal
Ms. Jennifer Delvecchio Head Teacher
Mrs Giannina Rakic Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Karyn Carr Office Assistant