PAC Corner

 Parent Advisory Council (P.A.C.)

We are a dedicated team of volunteers working closely alongside our school’s administration and teachers to enrich the educational experience of our children. Our collaborative efforts span a wide range of activities and initiatives aimed at making school life more enjoyable and providing enhanced educational opportunities.

One of our core responsibilities involves organizing enjoyable events such as the Pumpkin Patch and Holiday Breakfast which helps us connect as a community. Additionally, we take charge of coordinating valuable courses like Red Cross Babysitting and First Aid. These courses not only benefit the children directly but also contribute to a safer and more knowledgeable community. The various fundraisers running throughout the year help raise funds for essentials like classroom supplies, sport equipment, gardening sheds, emergency preparedness supplies and funds for buses or field trips throughout the year.

We manage a Hot Lunch program that serves two important purposes. It is a great fundraiser and offers parents a reprieve from the daily task of preparing lunch. We encourage you to stay connected, get involved, and share your ideas whether you’re a seasoned member of our community or a newcomer, your presence and contributions are highly valued.


2023-2024 PAC Executive

Co-Chair: Krista Ichiki
Treasurer: Suzy Pruss & Valentyna Basko
Secretary: Prachi Pradhan
DPAC Representative: Kate McMahon
Members at Large: Rowena Leung, Erika Evanisky and Lisa Postnikoff

PAC Meetings and Minutes

*Meetings will be held the last Tuesday of the month 

May 2023
September 2023

October 2023
November 2023


Current Open Positions: 









Executive Roles :

  • Co-Chair

Non-Executive Roles:

  • Fundraising: ( clickable Link image – Fundraising poster)
  • Grade 7 Committee: Vacant
  • Event Committee Lead : Vacant
  • Hot Lunch Lead: Vacant
  • Fruit and Veggie program: Vacant


We are always on the look out for volunteers for various events and hot lunch. Sign up here!  Volunteer sign-up list  

Volunteer signup sheet barcode







2022-2023 PAC Executive

Co-Chair: Erika Evanisky
Treasurer: Suzy Pruss
Co-Treasurer: Lisa Postnikoff
Secretary: Prachi Pradhan-Lavekar

2020-2021 PAC Executive

Co-Chair: Tien Dang
Co-Chair: Donna Yeung
Co – Treasurer: Lisa Postnikoff
Co-Treasurer: Suzy Pruss
Secretary: Alex Cryer-Chen
DPAC Rep: Donna Yeung

Non-Executive Roles
Grade 7 Committee: Peggy Lui and Amy Tong 
Social Committee Leads :
Hot Lunch Committee Leads: Vacant / cancelled due to COVID
Fundraising: Vacant
Fruit and Veggie program: Cancelled due to COVID

PAC Meetings and Minutes
*Meetings will be held the last Tuesday of the month 


September 2022
October 2022
November 2022

We would like to welcome our PAC executive.  We look forward to working together in the months to come.  Your time and support is greatly appreciated.

2020-2021 PAC Executive

Co-Chair: Carolyn Siu
Co-Chair: Pauline Rilcof
Co- Treasurer: Kamaljeet Guram
Co-Treasurer: Sharron Wang
Secretary: Rebecca Sorbara
DPAC Rep.:Donna Rae

Social Committee Lead — Raquel Do
Hot Lunch Coordinator — Vernon Loo

There are many ways parents can connect.
Email: to contact the PAC Executive
District PAC website: for district-level conversations, information, advocacy work, and inquiries into the many aspects of education planning, operations and events in Burnaby.

Brentwood Park PAC Executive Positions/Roles 

– attend and chair monthly PAC and executive meetings
– organize agendas and reminders for meetings
– write ‘PAC Corner’ in Brentwood’s monthly newsletter
– ensure the follow through of agenda items and PAC decisions
– estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours a month

– reconcile deposits and disbursements with account statements and manage transfer payments
– prepare monthly financial statements and present at PAC meetings
– track and hold in trust grade 7 fundraising income
– prepare annual budget with co-treasurer and PAC exec
– ensure that planned activities are carried out according to the budget
– estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours a month

– attend monthly PAC and executive meetings
– Deposit money into PAC and gaming accounts
– Verify invoices and issue cheques
– update and maintain monthly expense spread sheet
– communicate with the other co-treasure to ensure account information is up to date and accurate
– estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours a month

– attend and take minutes at PAC meetings
– draft PAC meeting minutes and arrange with school to post on website
– attend and take minutes at PAC Exec meetings
– estimated time commitment: 3 hours per month

DPAC (District PAC Representative)
– attends monthly district PAC meetings and reports back at our PAC meetings
– attends monthly PAC and PAC executive meetings
– estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours a month

* DPAC meetings are where district-wide, systemic and policy issues, concerning public schools and education, are discussed and common concerns are addressed with the school board. Reps also take our school’s PAC concerns and questions to the DPAC meetings. DPAC reports advice and input to the provincial BC Confederation of PACs.

PAC School Year 2017-2018

PAC December Updates

Hello Brentwood Park Families,

The PAC is very happy to present another Gift Basket Raffle to coincide with our school’s 2 concert dates: Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 19th & 20th.  We again have been very lucky to have the support of many local businesses and some exciting new corporate names join in our efforts to raise funds for our school.  A major new focus of our fundraising will be to help replace and renew our gym audio and visual equipment.  All of our prizes have been donated.  Don’t forget to bring your money and of course we wish you good luck and good fun again this year!

– Tickets on sale at all 4 concert shows.
– Ticket prices: 2 for $5  or 10 for $20
– Prize winners will be notified by email and/or phone call before 12pm Thursday Dec. 21st.
– We have some line-up place holders to free you up to look at the prize tables and complete your raffle ticket info. No need to worry about losing your spot in the concert line.
We are very short of volunteers this year to help set up and sell tickets. Please consider helping usThe Gift Basket  helper sign up link is here:  

If you have already signed up, thank you. We know who you are and will finalize all instructions and contact you by Dec. 16.

PAC November Updates

Gift Cards:
Every year PAC offers a gift card fundraiser. You can purchase gift cards for all your favourite spots to give as gifts or use yourself. A percentage of all orders go toward our school. Order forms will go out Nov. 6 and are due Nov. 14. Gift Cards will be read for pick up Dec. 1.



Enter a draw to win Front Row tickets for the Winter Concert!

Direct Donation: Families that donate $20 or more, before Dec.1, are entered into a draw to win two front row tickets for the Winter Concert, on a night of your choosing. That means no waiting in line!! Please send your donations by cheque to the school office (attention PAC Direct Donation) or online through ‘School Cash Online’.



 September Welcome and Upcoming Events
Welcome Back! We hope you had a wonderful summer break and we look forward to another fabulous year with our Brentwood Park community.

Welcome Back Coffee: Parents and caregivers are invited to join us in the Gym on Tuesday, September 5 between 9-10 am for a Starbucks coffee and a chat. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pizza Party: Parents and students are invited to a Brentwood Pizza Party on Wednesday September 27 from 6:00 – 6:45 pm! Further details will be emailed to you in the upcoming weeks. A short PAC meeting will follow the party from 7:00 – 7:30 pm in the library.

Hello Grade 7 Parents: If you would like to learn about or be involved with this year’s “graduation” celebrations (dance, luncheon, themes /decorations, sleep-over camp, etc.) for your grade 7 student, you are invited to meet Wednesday Sept. 27 @7:30 pm at the school library.  It will be an informal brainstorming meet & greet and hopefully identify parents who would like to form an organizing committee of some sort.

For some of us, it will be our first, and for others it will be old hat. The luncheon, dance, decorations, etc. are organized by parents. Most importantly, parents have to do the fundraising for these activities and this is where the early lead-time is required.  Please consider coming out to share your input.

We look forward to another exciting year at Brentwood!

Sincerely, Margo, Donna, Kamal, Sharron, Connie and Raquel
Brentwood Park PAC Executive

PAC Year in Review 2015-2016

ice-cream-truckDue to generous community support, PAC has been able to help enrich our children’s experiences at school.
PAC initiatives include: Back to School Tea, Hot Lunch, BC Fruit and Veggie Program, Santa Breakfast, Brentwood Spirit Wear, Spring Sock Hip-Hop, Staff Appreciation Luncheon and Grade 7 Celebrations. PAC’s fundraisers include: Hot Lunch, Direct Drive, Gift Baskets and Raffle at the Winter Concert, Pies and Cookies, Gift Cards, Popcorn Sales and the Plant Sale.


Grade 4/5’s go to the Maritime Museum and explore the beach.

These fundraisers have enabled PAC to offer financial support by providing: $150 to each teacher toward classroom expenses, $300 to each division for fieldtrip school buses, 4 classroom projectors (thus completing the Tech Plan), Buses for Whistler Ski School, each classroom with emergency food and water, presentations by Dufflebag Theatre and Saleema Noon, support for Traffic Safety Program, Grade 7 Dance and Luncheon and new intermural pinnies.  All of our children benefit from these initiatives and they could not take place without generous volunteers and supporters.

Grade 4/5's go to the Maritime Museum and explore beach