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Brentwood Park Summer Garden Story

Welcome back to Brentwood Park!

Teachers and staff are not the only ones excited to welcome our BP community back. Thanks to a group of amazing BP families who cared for our garden during the hot and dry summer, we have a bit of a harvest to welcome us too!
A big thank you to our BP Family Summer Garden Crew:
The McMahon Family, the Dodd Family, the Virlas Family, the Makhlouf Family, the Aravena Family, the Jafarieh Family, the Leong Family, the Botcha Family, the Wong family, Vihaan Lavekar & family, Morton & Summer’s Family. And an extra big thank you to Marilyn Simpson who helped to keep our garden flourishing and continues to share her garden wisdom with us!
Please enjoy a short video of our summer garden!

Special garden gratitude goes out to Mrs. Allanson and Ms. Derbitsky for their passionate leadership and commitment to all our growth in so many ways.