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Readathon & Family Literacy Day

Thank you to the Brentwood Park Community for supporting and participating in our Readathon and Family Literacy Day for another year.  It was a great success.  It was a fun-filled day and great to have family members join us as well as laughter, games and togetherness.  See you again next year.


15th Annual Readathon and Family Literacy Day:
Monday January 27th, 2020

It’s that time again.  Prepare for a fun-filled day.

To celebrate our love of literacy and reading, everyone at Brentwood Park will be reading for at least 45 minutes on this day as well as participate in activities and contests all day that celebrate literacy.  This year’s theme is: Take 20

Brentwood Parents and Families are invited to join us.

What is a Readathon?  Everyone participates!
Participants will be given a pledge form.  Students pledge to read for a given amount of time.  Students can collect pledge donations beforehand or not. All funds raised will go towards resources for the library and literacy initiatives.

Students are not to request pledges from strangers, only ask parents, friends and relatives!
All pledge forms (whether used or not) must be signed by a parent and returned by:
Thursday January 23rd, 2020
.  This pledge form is your ticket into the readathon!
The top earning class wins a pizza party.

When: Monday January 27th, 2020       Where: Brentwood Park School Gym
9:00-9:45       D. 18-21
9:45-10:30     D. 14-17
10:45-11:30   D. 10-13
1:00-2:00       D. 6-9
2:00-3:00       D. 1-5

 All early primary students will join together with their parents and teachers in the gym. This session is usually a bit louder, as we encourage shared reading.

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  • School spirit: remember to wear your pyjamas on this day and to bring your stuffed animals and pillows to make your reading area more comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to bring enough reading material for the 45-60 minutes.

There will be Draw Prizes and contests throughout the day, like our Guess the Staff Member Contest and much more.  But  most importantly, we are celebrating our appreciation and love of reading together as a community.