School News

Farewell to Ms. Lewis from the Brentwood Community

After more than a decade as our fearless leader, we must bid farewell to Ms. Lewis. Typical of her dedication to our school, Ms. Lewis delayed her retirement to help our community through the many uncertainties at the end of last school year and the beginning of this one. For that steadfast guidance, we are very grateful and appreciate her deep commitment to our children’s well-being. Our school had the unusual luck of having Ms. Lewis for a long tenure during which she helped usher in the revised curriculum and helped us find new ways of understanding what learning can be. Equally important are the other threads of the social fabric that make our community strong: a sense of fun and belonging. Music, dance, an open door, welcoming parents into the school – these are hall-marks of good memories we’ll associate with Ms. Lewis. Luckily the students (and a few brave parents) had the chance to do a school wide dance party send-off before spring break of last year. In addition to that a few of the PAC executives recently presented a bent cedar wood box to Ms. Lewis on behalf of the parent community. We hope this tangible souvenir will in a way hold our esteem for the leadership and friendship she has shared with us. THANK YOU, MS. LEWIS!