School News

Update: Brentwood Park Pumpkin Carving Contest

We thank our students who participated in our Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Although a competition, you gave us spooky joy and happiness as we toured around outside the classrooms. 


Eight Interesting Intermediate Pumpkins:
Aaden Div. 1 Evynne Div. 6
Alyssa Div 3 Matteo Div. 7
Alexis Div. 4 Nayiri Div. 9
Mell Div. 5 Chloe Div. 8

Eight Interesting Intermediate Pumpkins:
Chloe S. Div. 11 Max B Div. 11
Ian Div. 12 Marcus Div. 13
Wesley Div. 17 Laya Div. 19
Alisha Div. 21 Penny Div. 16