School News

Welcome back! Where to go on Sept. 5th

All students in Grades 1-7 will return to their last year’s class for this first day of school. Please see the chart below for room numbers as some room assignments may have changed over the summer.  Students will report to and be dismissed from these rooms Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of school.


If last year you were in … On Tuesday go to …
Div. 1 Grade 6 Mr. Jung Room 21
Div. 2 Grade 6 Mrs. Keeler Room 19
Div. 3 Grade 6 Mr. Ricker Room 13
Div. 4 Grade 5/6 Mrs. Barnett Room 17
Div. 5 Grade 4/5 Mrs. Davis Room 20
Div. 6 Grade 4/5 Ms. Willis Room 18
Div. 7 Grade 4/5 Mr. Peters Room 12
Div. 8 Grade 4/5 Mrs. Smith/Mrs. Basso Room 14
Div. 9 Grade 4/5 Mrs. Nielsen Room 3
Div. 10 Grade 3 Ms. Hickman Room 16
Div. 11 Grade 2/3 Mrs. Singh Room 7
Div. 12 Grade 2/3 Ms. Derbistky/Ms. Trzcinski Room 5
Div. 13 Grade 2/3 Ms. Helfrich Room 15
Div. 14 Grade 2 Ms. Yap Room 10
Div. 15 Grade 1/2 Ms. A. Smith Room 4
Div. 16 Grade 1 Mrs. Wineberg Room 6
Div. 17 Grade 1 Mrs. Mrs. Brolin/Mrs. Fleming Room 11
Div. 18 Kindergarten Ms. Taylor Room 9
Div. 19 Kindergarten Mrs. DiSpirito/Mrs. Tedham- K Module
Div. 20 Kindergarten Mrs. Dawson K Module

New students/parents:  Report to the school office and then you will be directed to the library for the first day of school.  Tomorrow you will be placed in a class with other students of a similar age.

Kindergarten students will not attend classes today.    Gradual entry to school will begin tomorrow.  If you do not already have a gradual entry schedule, please go to the school office and our school secretary, Mrs. Rakic, will provide one.

All parents are invited to an informal get together in the gym from 9-10am. This will give you a chance to catch up with friends and neighbours. Please see the PAC corner page for new information for September 2017.